June 2nd 2020

Piccadilly: ready to (re)Start!!

Luigi and Giuseppe Criscuolo, owners of Piccadilly Ceramics, are very happy to inform you that the store will reopen tomorrow June 3rd!!!


May 28th 2020

Painting ceramics: the brush technique

There are many different decorating ideas and techniques for using brushwork on ceramics.


April 15th 2020

Italian Vases: our proposal

Here is Piccadilly's proposal about vases. A little bit of history and the main uses of these beautiful objects, so pleasant at the eye.


April 9th 2020

Coronavirus vs Piccadilly: we are all safe and ok, thank you!!!


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March 13th 2020

Italian Tiles: an Historical Tradition

The word tile has its first origin from the latin word “tegula”, meaning a roof tile composed of fired clay. Only later it was adopted by the french language as “tuile” giving origin to the modern word.


February 13th 2020

Gift Ideas From Italy: Piccadilly Cermics

Piccadilly Ceramics guarantee a perfect gift because it has a wide selection of ideas to choose from.


January 14th 2020

Centrepieces Ideas From Italy

A Centrepiece is a symbol of Italy and Amalfi Coast; a hand-made and hand-painted centrepiece is an artwork which will give energy and colours to your table. It can have many uses and it can be a perfect gift for friends or family.  

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December 16th 2019

Lavastone Table: what are they and where to buy them?

The name Lavastone is directly connected to their origin.  Out of the volcanoes the lava, made of fiery bubbles, when dries turn into a volcanic rock: the lavastone.


December 13th 2019

How to Decorate the Christmas Tree with Ceramic Baubles

Christmas is coming and it is time to decorate the tree! So why don’t decorate it with small artworks like ceramic artisan baubles?

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December 10th 2019

Italian Christmas Ornament for an Unforgettable Christmas

December is the perfect month to buy a gift for the people we love. Our ceramics offer multiple options to choose from, so they became the perfect idea for Christmas presents. 


October 25th 2019

How to furnish with vases: 4 ideas and tips

To personalize and give character to a home there are not only furniture, but also furnishing accessories, that is to say accessories that help to form the furnishing of an internal or external environment. Among these furnishing complements there are also vases, capable of tastefully enriching every corner of the house when chosen wisely.


September 27th 2019

Decorating the walls with ceramic plates: tips and ideas

The ceramic dishes are so beautiful that it is wasted using them only for the table, but they can also be used to decorate the house. Here's how to decorate the walls with dishes


August 28th 2019

How to decorate ceramics Made in Italy: craft techniques

Decorating ceramics is an ancient art, and over the years the artisans have invented many decoration techniques. Here's how to paint Made in Italy ceramics.


May 23rd 2019

How to set a Made in Italy table: tips and ideas

how to buy and set a table with ceramics and a handmade table in Italy


June 24th 2019

History and origins of ceramics: the material that was invented twice

Piccadilly’s ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted, are artworks, unique and original. Read ceramics story and you'll fall in love with!


February 27th 2019

Piccadilly wonderful handcrafted ceramics

Piccadilly’s ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted, are artworks, unique and original. They tell about the suggestion and the energy of the Amalfi Coast, and they are a precious and elegant gift for those who visit this country.

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