Animals design, a very ancient pattern

Mario Criscuolo

The Amalfi coast is famous all over the world for its ceramics entirely handmade and handpainted by skilled artisans who have been carrying on this tradition with passion for many years.

In our factory in Amalfi Coast, our very talented artists from almost 40 years (which we will celebrate next August 30th) have been making unique and colorful artworks every day to make happy customers coming from all over the world.

The colors that distinguish our production are certainly three:

The blue (reminiscent of the crystalline sea that makes our views unique);

The green (symbol of unspoiled nature that well combined with the houses of the coast makes the whole scenery spectacular);

The Yellow (reminiscent of lemon, symbol of our "Divina Costiera" and famous throughout the world for its infinite properties).

The tradition of ceramic on the Amalfi Coast has very ancient origins (even before the 5th century BC), but its greatest affirmation certainly took place from 1200 AD. onwards (to then regain footing even more importantly at the beginning of the 20th century).

Among the most famous decorations associated with the artisan tradition of the coast, there is certainly the "Animaletti" decoration, also known as the "Vietrese" decoration, as this decoration was created for the first time in the city of Vietri, a small town where the tradition of the coastal craftsmanship started long time ago.

The animals decoration is certainly among the most appreciated by tourists who reach our coast and also by  managers of accommodation facilities and local restaurants who love the idea of ​​serving their dishes and furnishing their spaces with this type of handcrafted masterpieces.

The animals collection is really very colorful, lively and capable of giving a really simple but at the same time very elegant touch of color to your tables.

Among the most popular combinations there are certainly the following ones:

Blue puffer fishcrab light blue and octopus red.


Most of the items in the Animaletti collection - Vietri style are made with marine subjects because they symbolize the proximity of all the towns of the Amalfi coast to the splendid sea of this area, where excellent quality fish is always guaranteed...this pattern with sea animals is also associated with the importance that fishing has had since ancient times for the populations of our land.

As you can see, there are also training animals depicting you as even pastoralism and breeding have had (and still have for some small realities) continue to have a very strategic importance for the sustenance of some local families.

Here are a few examples of farm animals that are being painted in this collection:
green rooster, blue rabbit, purple cow.


This collection is truly special and has always been a must for all those who want to have a touch of Amalfi in their home at a very affordable price ...

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