Decorating the walls with ceramic plates: tips and ideas

Seo Emmemedia

In the 70’s one of the decorative solutions for the walls of the house was the dishes. It may seem strange, but this fashion has back today, thanks to the boom in vintage style. Today, many interior designers and architects like to use ceramic plates as decorations for the walls, whether they are those of the kitchen, the living room, the entrance or the corridor.

The dishes you can use can be travel souvenirs, precious dishes that you don't have the heart to use at the table, a gift from some friends, the beautiful Piccadilly wallplate. Here are some tips to enhance your dishes and decorate your walls.

5 tips to decorate a wall with dishes

No more bare and boring walls or decorated with the usual prints that are not at all original. To beautify your home, wall plates are perfect, so as to immediately give the environment that bohemian look that is so fashionable in recent years.

You can hang them in a symmetrical or cleverly casual way, the dishes will certainly give movement and personality to each wall and will help you enhance the spaces. Here are 5 useful tips to hang them the right way.

1. Choose the wall to decorating

The wall you choose to be the background for the dishes is fundamental for the success of the composition. If you want to hang very colorful or strong-toned dishes, it is the case that the background wall is white or neutral. If instead you want to enhance the colors in the room, use plates that have details of that same shade.

2. Create a project

Once you have identified the wall you want to decorating, you should study a project to make sure you don't pierce the walls at all. There are several ways to choose a layout: you can arrange the chosen dishes on the floor until you find the composition that best suits you. Or, to be really sure, draw the shape of the plates on cardboard and then stick them to the wall with adhesive tape, so as to have a very precise idea of the composition. Once you have chosen the positions, then you can nail down your dishes. The important thing is to find a pleasant composition consistent with the style of your home.

3. Take advantage of heights

Many apartments, especially lofts or modernized buildings dating back to the 1950s have very high ceilings that are often difficult to furnish. If you have decided to decorate a wall with dishes, then in this case it is a good idea to take advantage of the heights and dress the wall completely.

4. Materials and style of the dishes

The most suitable dishes to cover a wall, whether internal or external, are the ceramic ones, resistant to the point that they last even decades and always colorful even with the passage of time. As for the style, obviously the dishes must be consistent with that of your home, even if the vintage-style dishes represented beautiful colorful landscapes never go out of style and go well with everything.

5. Dial according to the colors and dimensions

If you have two or more plates of similar tones, you can arrange them by color, creating on the wall a truly unique and suggestive palette that immediately catches the eye. Or, you can opt to arrange the dishes by size, from the smallest to the largest and vice versa, or from the top to the top in descending order, but you can also position them randomly so as to give more personality to the wall. Another solution is to position the plates creating geometric shapes, creating rectangles, triangles or squares, so as to have a truly original composition.