Gift Ideas From Italy: Piccadilly Cermics

Seo Emmemedia

Piccadilly Ceramics guarantee a perfect gift because it has a wide selection of ideas to choose from. Its pencils colours and mix of shades, its landscapes and natural elements, give to Piccadilly pieces a unique touch. 

Completely hand-painted and hand-made, these ceramics will bring the artisan passion into your friends or family’s house.  

With different ideas the opportunity to choose a perfect gift are endless; 

Kitchen items, Christmas ornaments, vases, tiles, lavastone tables, limoncello set etc.  

Piccadilly Ceramics: a Gift of Colours

The main characteristics of Piccadilly Ceramics are the colours. Various shades create beautiful and coloured artworks; at the centre of each piece, there are always the lemons, the main subject of the Amalfi Coast. 

The Coast breathes in Piccadilly Ceramics, finding a new life through useful pieces for a wonderful gift. 

Close to the lemon, another main subject is the sea, with its different shades of blue from the light blue of the sky to the darker of the sea, that perfectly contrasts with the bright yellow of the lemons. Each piece comes also with fruits and flowers, which give more colours to the ceramics and recall the fresh food of the Coast and the flowers. 

Piccadilly Gifts: a Creation from Italy

Piccadilly has four different series of pieces divided into: Kitchen items

Home decor ideasLavastone tables and Gift ideas

You can use these different creations as a gift according to the people’s needs and passions.  

For whoever loves cooking you have a large selection of Kitchen items to choose from like: plates, serving pieces, oil set, appetizer, cup and mug complete set. 

Plates are useful for a dinner with friends to place snacks or to serve a main dish into a beautiful creation. 

Home decor idea: tiles, wall plate, centrepieces, vases and umbrella stand.  

The home decor is for people who love decorating their house or who love art because giving them a hand-painted work is like giving them a beautiful portrait. They can expose tiles or a wall plate to have the sea of The Amalfi Coast in their house or give to these pieces a new uselfulness like vases to whoever loves having flowers in its own house or like an umbrella stand to leave an umbrella and keep the house more tidy. 

Lavastone table are recommended for people who have patio or garden. This strong, resistant and beautiful table is a perfect gift to give a touch of summer into their garden.  

For a small gift we have a selection of ideas which include christmas baubles, limoncello set, set of framed tiles, small bowls for aperitif, Pitcher, Spoon rest.  

Limoncello is a traditional drink in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast so as gift idea means inviting to share a typical drink with you. 

Anytime in the year there are different celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and the main issue is always to think about the perfect gift for our beloved. Piccadilly ceramics found the solution trying to suit all needs and passions. 

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