How to furnish with vases: 4 ideas and tips

Seo Emmemedia

To personalize and give character to a home there are not only furniture, but also furnishing accessories, that is to say accessories that help to form the furnishing of an internal or external environment. Among these furnishing complements there are also vases, capable of tastefully enriching every corner of the house when chosen wisely.

The vases of furniture are not simple containers of flowers, plants and soil, but elements with which to work to change the face of a room, especially if they are precious and refined. But how to furnish your home with vases? Let's see it together.


How to choose the furniture for your home

It is not difficult to find the right vase for your home to give it elegance and character, since the furniture can be of any model, style, shape and color. If you choose a classic hand-painted ceramic vase, however, you can very well adapt it to any furnishing style, from the most classic to the most modern. Here's how to choose the right vessels:


1. Choose the vases according to the style of your home

As we have already mentioned, there are the most varied forms of decorative vases on the market, that's why to choose the right one for you, you must necessarily keep in mind your style of furniture, so as to put the vase in the best possible way to the environment in which it will be found.

2. Attention to the right proportions

The vases must necessarily embellish your home and underline its merits, they must never be overwhelming or dominant. The proportions are very important, for example if we have to furnish a contained environment, like a dining room or a kitchen, the furnishing vessels must be small, while in a large living room the dimensions can be much more generous.

3. Study the appropriate location well

Very often, a vase can perfectly furnish an unused space of an environment to make the most of it. It is very important to choose the right place, so that the vase can be admired without being in the way. Never place it in the middle of corridors or too narrow spaces.

4. Play with heights

To give movement to the environment or to an empty space, you can choose to place more vases of different heights or dimensions, so as to create interesting compositions to decorate the room. Or you can install shelves and decorate the wall vertically using different vases, perhaps containing beautiful scenic plants.

Why choose a ceramic vase

To furnish the interiors of a home it is advisable to choose ceramic vases, a super elegant material, beautiful and resistant over the years and to temperature changes, as well as being the most widespread on the market. Furthermore, ceramics is also immune to scratches and is resistant to small impacts and, produced with natural materials, is not harmful to the environment.