Lavastone Table: what are they and where to buy them?

Seo Emmemedia

Lavastone has always been considered the oldest stone in the world, which has been used for centuries amongst different peoples and cultures. 

The name Lavastone is directly connected to their origin. 

Out of the volcanoes the lava, made of fiery bubbles, when dries turn into a volcanic rock: the lavastone. 

This natural volcanic rock is quarried, cut into slabs, topped with an enamel glaze and fired at a very high temperature. 

Once the process is done, from this particular stone is possible to obtain jewels (like pendants, necklaces or earrings), decorations or household things.

Lavastone: a Powerful Stone

Behind the lavastones there has always been a particular belief: that the stones strengthens’ have a special connection with Mother Earth.  

Lavastones are considered to contain special powers. Their power gives us strength and courage, allow us to face problems, difficult situations and guide us through times of change ensuring stability. 

Reputed to be a calming stone, it is used to fight anxiety and it is very useful in dissipating anger; her intense energy calms your emotions and keep you humble bringing tranquillity and relaxation; her powers Increase your energy assertiveness and protection. Lavastones are, above all, beneficial for those suffering depression or other mental health illnesses. 

Lavastone Table by Piccadilly

Piccadilly Ceramic has always had a passion for lavastone: that’s the reason why we decided to turn these volcanic stones into tables, giving them a new life. 

Our artisans trasformed these stones into a hand-painted artwork.  

Lavastone tables can be used for outside as well as indoors; you can decorate your patio, your garden, your living room or place the table under a gazebo.  

The tables are really resistant: impervious to frost and to the sun’s UV Rays. 

Coming in a variety of multiple colours, the top of the lavastone tables reflect the shades of the Amalfi Coast. Piccadilly offers five colours to choose amongst: green, blue, light blue, white, black. 

Piccadilly tables have different types of paintings recalling the Amalfi Coast elements with its beautiful landscapes and natural patterns.  

The table’s main elements are: 

  • The lemons, whose yellow contrasts with the dark blue background. 
  • Mixfruits pattern, a mix of colours and fruits which let you feel so energetic even during winter. 
  • Amalfi and Positano landscape: the light blue of the sea on the background mixes with the multicolour of the houses on the Coast and the bunch of lemons on the foreground. 
  • The last pattern is the Barocco painting, recalling the famous Italian style in its circular movement of flowers and leaves let the central big flower stand out.  

 Piccadilly lavastone tables will be a masterpiece in your house.  

Strong, powerful and with energetic colours it will give to your home a beautiful touch, bringing into your family happiness with its wonderful shades and elements. 

For more details in regard to Piccadilly Lavastone tables please contact us or come to visit our store in Grotta dello Smeraldo on the Amalfi Coast.