How to Decorate the Christmas Tree with Ceramic Baubles

Seo Emmemedia

Christmas is coming and it is time to decorate the tree!

Among all the decorations available there are also the hand-painted ceramic baubles. Here are some ideas to decorate the Christmas tree in the best way.

Christmas atmosphere, which we already breathe in this period, it makes you eager to let yourself be surrounded in your house by merry and coloured decorations waiting for Christmas. 

The Christmas tree is a fundamental symbol, which all the attention is focused on, so it has to be decorated with extremely cure and in every detail.

So why don’t decorate it with small artworks like ceramic artisan baubles?


To make really unique your Christmas tree you can decorate it with artisan and original ornaments, hand-crafted and hand-painted, so not reproducible, like the ceramic Christmas baubles of Piccadilly. Each bauble is a small artwork which includes the craft and the dedication of an expert artisan, and it will make your Christmas tree precious.

Choose it as your Christmas decorations, means trust the quality because each ornament is realized with particular attention to the details, entirely hand-crafted and hand-painted following the ancient tradition with high quality materials and glazes.

The Christmas ceramic baubles have as subject the coloured lemons of Amalfi and the stunning panoramic views of Positano and all the Amalfi Coast, to bring a bit of Mediterranean warmth also during the cold season and give a coloured note to your celebrating house.

These authentic and original pieces can decorate your Christmas tree but also other spaces of your house: you can hang them to a chandelier, add them to a garland, place them on a table or in a library, or they can be precious Christmas gifts for your family members, maybe to be used as seat market during Christmas dinner.


Thanks to the joy of their colours and their traditional shape, the ceramic baubles can easily be paired with other Christmas decorations, let’s see in which way:

  • Paired by colour: the ceramic Piccadilly baubles have two principal colours which are yellow and blue, with some green shades. So they are really easy to match by colour to other Christmas tree decorations, they match with red which is the classic colour of Christmas holidays, with white which make them stand out, or with multicolour decorations, to let the tree be delightful for the eyes.


  • Paired by shape: do not use only rounded baubles; pair them, instead, with other elements like bows, coloured Christmas gift boxes, fabric baubles and festoons. A great idea is also to hang on the tree delicious marzipan biscuits, Christmas chocolate Santas or the classic Christmas candy canes.

  • Paired by lights: the ceramic baubles have a fine and really polished finish, so they create a really beautiful effect when they are paired by light. For this reason, an inevitable decoration on your Christmas tree are the little lights, of one colour or multicolour they will let the small ceramic artwork be the protagonist, creating an irresistible Christmas atmosphere.


The Christmas ceramic baubles are quite delicate, reason why is really important to store them with attention when Christmas period is over, to reuse them safely on the Christmas tree for the next year.

It is recommended to store the baubles in their original box or, alternatively, it is a good idea wrap them in a newspaper or cotton wool or wool to be then stored separetely in a box, being very careful that are not going to be crushed from other decorations.

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