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January 20th 2022

True love surprises and we are planning nice surprises for you.

Valentine's Day is the feast of all lovers and of love. We are in love with our craftsmanship and celebrate it every day! These days, in particular, we are preparing many surprises for you and we will surely amaze you with a new and exclusive shopping experience... New website, new products, new colours... but the same quality and passion... We are in business from over 40 years and our goal is always the same: to make 110% happy all our customers coming from all over the world in the super best way!

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August 6th 2021

Sacrifice and dedition led us celebrate our 40th Anniversary

Dear Customer, with this blog article Giuseppe, Luigi (owners of the ceramic store Piccadilly) and all Criscuolo's family really want to thank you have always trusted us from very very long time and we are so proud to have you as our special customers. Every day from 40 years, with a lot of sacrifice and dedication, we do continue with a lot of passion and love this very very important and old tradtion started from Mario Criscuolo in 1981.  We have started with a very small factory with only 2 workers and with a very tiny shop and today we do have a very big factory with 22 artists and 1 of the biggest Ceramic store of the Amalfi Coast, composed by 3 floors showroom and situated in Conca dei MArini,  in the heart of Amalfi Coast and exaclty in front of the worldwide famous Amalfi Coast. Looking back, we realized that we have been walking through a long way and we are very proud of all goals we have reached thanks your super support...but we are super very projected towards the future, more than ever. This pandemic situation learned us a lot....learned how important is the family, how important is to put passion in all the things we do daily make, how satisfying is to make happy customers from all over the world and how beautiful is to receive lovely message and to see very happy faces once all our artworks are arrived super safety all over the world to give a touch of colors in your houses directly from Amalfi Coast. We have a lot of project and new ideas to increase our business and to always satifsy our customers in the super best way... We will thrill you with new shopping experience...we will delight you with new products and we will reward you with new unmissable promotions. Next week we will post a new blog article with a surprise and very often we will surprise you with new information, news and deals. So, taking care of all what you have read above, thank you once again for everything and stay super tuned! PS: DON'T FORGET THAT ONLINE AT THE MOMENT ALL OUR DINNERWARE SELECTION IS 10% DISCOUNTED...SO CLICK HERE TO HAVE A LOOK TO THESE MASTERPIECES However, in case you do have any specific requests, in case you want to surprise your family or your friend with a customize piece or in case you are looking for anything else, please feel free to contact us very soon and we will satisfy your special requests as fast as possible (you know where we are :) ) ONCE AGAIN, GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE. SUPER WARM REGARDS LUIGI AND GIUSEPPE CRISCUOLO OWNERS AND GENERAL MANAGERS CERAMICHE PICCADILLY 1981 - 2021

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October 23rd 2020

It's Xmas Time...1300 new artworks online!


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July 7th 2020

New Service: Live Video Shopping

Discover how to contact us to have live video tour of our showroom in a very easy way!


June 2nd 2020

Piccadilly: ready to (re)Start!!

Luigi and Giuseppe Criscuolo, owners of Piccadilly Ceramics, are very happy to inform you that the store will reopen tomorrow June 3rd!!!


April 9th 2020

Coronavirus vs Piccadilly: we are all safe and ok, thank you!!!


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