Centrepieces Ideas From Italy

Seo Emmemedia

A centrepiece is a display item, usually part of a table setting. 

Piccadilly Ceramic centrepieces are a new idea to give to your table a final touch as part of the room decoration. Completely made in Italy, these ceramic centrepieces will give colour to your dinner bringing the Amalfi Coast pattern into your house. 

Piccadilly ceramic centrepieces have two shapes: round and squared, to let you choose the best suitable shape for your table. The round centrepieces are bowls which you can use as a plate for starters or as a table decoration to place inside fruits, flowers, a small plant or a candle. 

The round centrepices have as main element the lemons of the Amalfi Coast but with two different backgrounds; “the round sim bowl limoni green” has a light blue background which perfectly mix with the yellow of the lemons, at the base of the bowl a light pink background with red apples and green leaves. The two different patterns give prominence to each other and are separeted by the yellow border at the top of the bowl. 

“The round sim bowl limoni blue”, presents a dark blue background which let’s the yellow of the lemons stand out. Here the blue recalls the sea of the Coast. On the white base a large strip in light green and burgundy flowers with its dark green leaves recall the Lattari Mountains. 

Squared Centrepieces 

Squared centrepieces by Piccadilly can be used, a part as a plate, even as container for personal belongings and be placed on the living room table or on the garden table.  

As Squared centrepieces Piccadilly has four different options; 

  1. “The Squared bowl limoni green” has internally a light blue background and yellow lemons with green leaves which create a beautiful contrast with dark coloured grapes on the outside part. 
  2. “The Squared bowl limoni red” has an inside background in a dark red with lemons and green leaves. The base presents a beautiful rose recalling the flowers of the Coast. This centrepiece is a perfect gift for women as the red and the light pink give a special note of love and passion.  
  3. “The squared bowl limoni light blue” has a blue sky background and yellow lemons with green leaves. The outside part presents a white background with an orange strip and a small flower on the top with waving branches and green leaves. 
  4. “The squared bowl limoni barocco blue” is an art piece; it recalls the Barocco italian style and with its blue and white colours creates the movement of the waves of the sea. The base has small flowers in light pink and beautiful big leaves in different shades of green. 

A Centrepiece is a symbol of Italy and Amalfi Coast; a hand-made and hand-painted centrepiece is an artwork which will give energy and colours to your table. It can have many uses and it can be a perfect gift for friends or family.  

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