History and Origins of Ceramics

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July 12th 2021

Animals design, a very ancient pattern

Discover the history of one of the most famous and ancient pattern of Ceramic Tradition.


August 28th 2020


Ceramic is a material known since ancient times. The fortune of this material is mainly due to the numerous characteristics that make it widespread even today. Discover the characteristics of ceramics.

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June 16th 2020

Amalfi Coast Lemons: All things to know

Why is lemon so important in this corner of paradise? Let's find out together!


May 28th 2020

Painting ceramics: the brush technique

There are many different decorating ideas and techniques for using brushwork on ceramics.

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March 13th 2020

Italian Tiles: an Historical Tradition

The word tile has its first origin from the latin word “tegula”, meaning a roof tile composed of fired clay. Only later it was adopted by the french language as “tuile” giving origin to the modern word.


August 28th 2019

How to decorate ceramics Made in Italy: craft techniques

Decorating ceramics is an ancient art, and over the years the artisans have invented many decoration techniques. Here's how to paint Made in Italy ceramics.


June 24th 2019

History and origins of ceramics: the material that was invented twice

Piccadilly’s ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted, are artworks, unique and original. Read ceramics story and you'll fall in love with!

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