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April 15th 2020

Italian Vases: our proposal

Here is Piccadilly's proposal about vases. A little bit of history and the main uses of these beautiful objects, so pleasant at the eye.


January 14th 2020

Centrepieces Ideas From Italy

A Centrepiece is a symbol of Italy and Amalfi Coast; a hand-made and hand-painted centrepiece is an artwork which will give energy and colours to your table. It can have many uses and it can be a perfect gift for friends or family.  

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December 16th 2019

Lavastone Table: what are they and where to buy them?

The name Lavastone is directly connected to their origin.  Out of the volcanoes the lava, made of fiery bubbles, when dries turn into a volcanic rock: the lavastone.


February 27th 2019

Piccadilly wonderful handcrafted ceramics

Piccadilly’s ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted, are artworks, unique and original. They tell about the suggestion and the energy of the Amalfi Coast, and they are a precious and elegant gift for those who visit this country.

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