Italian Vases: our proposal

Seo Emmemedia

The word vase has its origin in the Latin language and its meaning is vessel. 

From the early 18th century, the scholarship of Greek vases developed and in Italy were discovered a large number of its examples. 

Vase painting” was, in ancient Greece, the traditional term for the famous fine painted pottery, often with many figures in scenes from Greek mythology. 

In different time periods many styles and types of vases have been developed around the world, such us Chinese ceramics and native american pottery. 

A vase it can be made of various materials such as ceramics, glass or metals and be decorated or used to hold cut flowers. 

Coming in different sizes vases generally have a similar shape; the foot or the base may be flat,bulbous etc. Some vases have a shoulder, neck, or also handles. 

Vases Ideas

The form and function of the vase has a long history and often ceramic objects are all the artistic evidence left from vanished cultures.  

Vases are perfect either as a stand-alone ornament or with decorative flowers and plants in them. Ceramic vases are deep enough to cover unattractive stems of flowers and can be bought in sets to create an elegant arrangement. 

Ceramic is smooth and very pleasing to the eye so ceramic lighting will add colour and create a lovely contoured look that you will be sure to enjoy. 

Ceramic is delicate and fragile but as interior design Piccadilly vases are perfect and strong. 

Inspiring and creative ideas can be placing vases on the dining table, bedroom, on the kitchen shelves to display them or to give colour and texture to your house. 

Vases can also be placed outdoors in the garden or patio, by the window, or on the floor. A vase can also guarantee elegance to your entrance, to give a beautiful first impact. 

Piccadilly Vases

Piccadilly vases collection is composed by nine proposals, different in colours and shapes: three of them are umbrella stands, which have the lemons as main subject on three different backgrounds; dark blue, light blue and red.  

Two vases have as main characteristic Sorrento/Naples or Amalfi/Positano views. The blue of the sea has prominence with its multicolour houses overlooking the coast. 

Vase Mixfruits white has fruits as main subject on a white background. 

Two vases Limoni Blue with handles, the dark blue background gives prominence to the lemons. Vase Limoni Flowers has a light blue background with yellow lemons and green leaves. 

Piccadilly, with its umbrella stands, found a solution to rainy days and its vases can also hold beautiful flowers. Wherever you would like to place Piccadilly vases, it will give a flash of joy and art to your home or garden. 

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