Piccadilly wonderful handcrafted ceramics

Emme media

The Amalfi Coast is a land full of sun, it’s warm and cozy, thriving and green. The artists who craft those wonderful ceramics are inspired by nature, scents, colors, the blue of the sea and sky, the yellow of the lemons and the green of the trees: all this became art and magic in Piccadilly’s house.

Piccadilly’s ceramics, handcrafted and hand-painted, are artworks, unique and original. They tell about the suggestion and the energy of the Amalfi Coast, and they are a precious and elegant gift for those who visit this country. The goods produced by Piccadilly are Kitchen items, lavastone tables, gift ideas and home decor ideas.

Piccadilly’s works decorate and give style to flats, tables and outside areas¬. All the ceramics are washable and the paints used are lead-free.

Lavastone Tables

Lavastone tables are a Piccadilly’s unique peculiarity: tables for both internal and external areas, completely washable and handmade. Moreover, they are weather-resistant, so you can show them in your garden or terrace, with no fear of ruin them.

Kitchen Items

We suppose that your kitchens and living rooms are lived environments, important in your everyday life; that’s why our customers choose nice and unique objects, plates and pitchers, that bring fun and preciousness on the table. They are precious objects, but also usable in everyday life, always washable and lead-free. What better gift for yourself or for someone you love then a handmade object that bring with it the scent of the Amalfi Coast.