Coronavirus vs Piccadilly: we are all safe and ok, thank you!!!

Mario Criscuolo

Covid-19, this invisible virus also known as CORONAVIRUS, has changed our routine and continues to change our daily life. 

The first case occurred in China last December 2019 and within a few weeks the vast majority of nations have been affected by this bad disease, to the point that it started a "world epidemic". Still today, unfortunately, this virus continues to wreak many victims every day and the discovery for a vaccine that can definitely defeat it is still very far.

In this dramatically historical moment (for the huge number of infected people and for the high number of victims registered) we must absolutely abide by the rules imposed by the various national governments and categorically respect some simple rules, which today represent one of the few solutions to block the advance of the virus (in addition to the maximum and continuous dedication of the doctors, nurses and all the hospital staff employed in the front line in this world battle).

Some simple rules are:

- stay at home;
- keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters;
- avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth,
- take excellent care of personal hygiene and the apartment in which you live in quarantine, etc.

These and many other good practices and tips are well explained on the World Health Organization
NB: beware of the many fake news that are circulating these days on the web!


First of all, in this very dramatic and difficult historical moment, we really need to say a huge thank you to all our customers and friends that express concern and sense of closeness to the Piccadilly's family.

We want to let you know you that we are all ok and safe.

We really want to thank all our customers that contacted us to be informed about our family and all our Piccadilly's Crew. We have daily received several emails where people showing their effort for us, we have very often received comments and private messages on our Facebook Page and a lot of DM on our Instagram Page... we are glad to say to you, to all our friends and to all customers that Criscuolo's family and Piccadilly's Crew are ok.


Thanks God we are all good and we are safe at home from more than one month. We are respecting all the rules that Italian Government is giving us, hoping that all this bad situation will end as soon as possible.
As you can image and as you have seen on the Internet, the 80% of Italian activities are closed because we have to avoid all the occasion of contact between people. We have to be closed because we must also be very careful about "asymptomatic infections", i.e. people who have contracted the virus but who do not show any symptoms.

In Italy the situation, after having had a strong peak in the last few weeks, seems to record a slight improvement ... in other countries, however, after a quieter first moment the situation is, unfortunately, becoming more and more critical and difficult (see USA and many other countries).

We simply hope that everything can really end as soon as possible.

Every single day we all get informed through the various mass media, hoping to hear from reliable sources the fateful news so longed for: the Coronavirus has been defeated !!! or " Coronavirus, found the vaccine that definitely kills the virus; available for all patients worldwide ".
Until then, we can do nothing else than follow the rules imposed, support (even economically) all the doctors, nurses and all hospital staff engaged in the front line in this new "World War", and take care of our family in our houses. 


We have to inform you that we have stopped our production and all our sellers and artisans are at home from more than 1 month. At the same time, we want to inform you that you can (eventually) still buy artworks from our website.
We want to inform you that last year we have already enlarged the "Web Department" of our store, improving our website and our offer on the Internet.
To do that, we did enlarge also our production area and, this winter, we have already produced in our factory several masterpieces that you can browse on our website. We do have in stock all our selection of kitchen items and all our selection of lava stone tables.

All those pieces are already in a packaging area (that we have temporarily moved) from which we can pack all the masterpieces that even these days our customers are buying online.

We have a very long history, our business started in 1981 and every single day we put a lot of passion and care on every single thing we do. In almost 40 year of history we had the pleasure to have in our store thousand and thousand customers coming from all over the world. It is always fascinating to have the opportunity to meet new people and we are super happy to hear from them the reasons that convince them to visit the Amalfi coast. 

It was always satisfying show them every single masterpiece produced by our talented artist, explaining the process of the production and showing them how hard is made also a very little handmade piece in the best way.

At the moment it is impossible to invite you physically to visit our store and that's why we are doing all our best to still offer our services and to still allow you to give a touch of color to your houses with lovely artworks from Amalfi Coast.

We do still ship all our masterpieces worldwide and, from this year, all our shipments include also any Import Duties that foreign Countries could apply. You will not pay any extra euro to get your pieces of art insured door to door at your house with the fastest Shipment service available. As mentioned above, we do still thank you once again for all your effort and we do express our solidarity and closeness to all of you !!!

Hope to start to see some light at the bottom of the tunnel as soon as possible, Please stay home, stay safe and stay healthy !!!


Piccadilly Ceramic