Centrepiece dining table "LEMPOSUN"

HEIGHT: 10 cm / 3.93 inches
Diameter: 35 cm / 13,75 inches
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Amazing Centrepiece dining table painted with lemon poppies and sunflowers.
The egde is scalopped and the handles are ornate with lemons and leaves in reliefs.
Handles has a touch of green that represents our landscapes and a lot of yellow that represent our tasty lemons.
This patter is one of the richest and hardest to realize in our factory.
Everything is completely handmade and handpainted in our factory.
White background represent elegance and this piece is ready to ornate your living room in a short time.

All the pieces are completely handmade and hand painted. It does mean that all our masterpieces could be slightly different from the photos showed on the website because we are talking about artworks made and painted completely by hand. Our artists are very talented and they will produce all our amazing artworks with experience and passion.


The name of this centrepiece is very funny. Artist decided to create a new word using the first letters of the main element created in this unique piece of art.
If you do analyze the name, you will figure out that: LEM is Lemons, PO is Poppies and Sun is Sunflower. Result: LEMPOSUN
Artist started with the word lemon because it is the main symbol of Amalfi Coast.
To increase its importance artist also created 4 lemons in reliefs near the 2 handle.


Diameter: 35 cm / 13,75 inches

Height: 10 cm / 3,93 inches

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We will ship all your masterpieces in max 3/4 weeks.

We also take care of "our" Mother Earth...
that's why all the masterpieces purchased online will be shipped all over the world without impact on land pollution,
proceeding with "Green" shipments.
We will also offer you "On-Demand Delivery" Service, which will allow you to:

  • check the status of the shipment with a tracking number
  • (eventually) change the delivery address
  • proceed to delivery to a neighbor if you are not at home;
  • move to "no-signature" delivery;
  • postpone the delivery for a maximum of 7 days for shipments (or even 30 days if you are on vacation).

Shipments are also DDP, and it means "Delivery Duties Paid".
You will not pay any extra euros to get your lovely pieces of art.
We will take care of any import duties that the foreign Government could apply to the import of your masterpieces.
In case you need extra information, or in case you do have other specific requests (customize a piece, for example),
please contact us at sales@mcpiccadilly.com

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