Piccadilly Ceramic colors: our inspiration

Seo Emmemedia

Let's face it: the colors are fascinating. They exert intense power over our mind, affecting our mood; they allow us to recall pleasant sensations, making us taste moments of serenity. That's why they are important, as well as a source of inspiration for master craftsmen. By giving pleasant shades to their artifacts, the artists are able to create real masterpieces, capable of attracting the attention of anyone who loves beauty.

The colors for Piccadilly Ceramiche

Color as an inspiration is a concept that guides the activity of the Piccadilly Ceramiche group. Since 1981, the year of foundation, this family-run company has set itself the aim of creating ceramic masterpieces capable of exalt the Amalfi manufacturing art. In doing so, we never overshadowed the importance of colors, a characteristic element of the creations signed by the artists of the group.

Colors at any latitude

"Color is our inspiration" seems to be the motto that inspires each creation by Piccadilly Ceramiche. Faithful to the belief that shades resist the forgetfulness of memory, give smiles and evoke pleasant memories, the company has focused its attention on the use of colors that allow each piece, once out of the shop, to follow buyers wherever they return, allowing them to taste the magic of the Amalfi Coast at any time and at any latitude.

Blue and Yellow

Succeeding in using colors is a stroke of genius, even more if the predominant shades are yellow and blue, the colors that most suggest the emotion given by Amalfi and its surroundings. Whether it is a vase, a limoncello set, home furnishings or another artistic masterpiece, each Piccadilly ceramic recalls this wonderful feature of Campania. In various shades, through a plurality of gradients, yellow and blue confer dynamism, liveliness and panache to the Criscuolo family's productions. Yellow, often represented by one or more lemons, symbolizes not only this very ancient and excellent citrus fruit that expresses excellent quality on the Amalfi Coast, but also the sun that illuminates, warms and gives that extra touch to the flavor of an Amalfi summer, that is in itself, already unforgettable.

Next to it, equally expressed through artistic brushstrokes, the blue bursts in all its suggestive magnetism. It does not contrast with the yellow but stands alongside it, evoking different images that can however be traced back to summer: the intense blue of the sky on a summer morning, the deep blue of the wonderful waters that bathe the Amalfi Coast.

Colors and memories

These, together with many others, are the colors that we find in each piece of the Piccadilly collections. By bringing these masterpieces home, you not only purchase objects of exquisite workmanship and excellent taste, but also symbols. Symbols of splendid days, made by the beauty of Amalfi and impressed in the mind also thanks to the creations signed Piccadilly. A tile, hanging on the wall of the entrance, will allow, every time you return home, to smile thinking about our wonderful holiday; a set of cups, expertly hand-painted, will offer the opportunity to sip a tea with our friends, talking about the Amalfi beauties and thus inviting them to drop by; a Christmas decoration, with its bright colors, will give even greater joy to your tree. This is precisely the mission of Piccadilly Ceramiche: to create emotions that are pleasantly lasting, using color as a source of inspiration.