20 inches Table Top Amalfi

  • Light blue



Round lavastone table top with Amalfi design. The table top is completely handmade and handpainted. It is a weather-resistant table top in vulcanic stone impervious to frost and the sun's UV RAYS. It does mean that you can display it inside your house or outdoor without absolutely any kind of problems. The price includes a short iron base (height: 60cm / 24 inches)

All the pieces are completely handmade and hand painted. It does mean that all our masterpieces could be slightly different from the photos showed on the website because we are talking about artworks made and painted completely by hand. Our artists are very talented and they will produce all our amazing artworks with experience and passion.

Design History

Amalfi is one of the most famous cities of the Amalfi Coast. It is very famous for its history, its amazing cathedral and his very good food. Its view and its beauty is known all over the world


diameter: 50 cm / 20 inches

delivery info

All our masterpieces can be shipped worldwide in max 2/3 weeks.
In case you need extra informations or in case you do have other specific requests, please contact us at: sales@mcpiccadilly.com
We will be happy to satisfy your extra requests as fast as possible!

In case you will like the idea to purchase some artworks from us and you are not coming from Europe or Usa, please contact us before to place the order and we do invite you to read our "condition of sales". We will do all our best to arrange a shipment of all our artworks you are interested as fast as possible and we will explain you even better all the steps needed to place the order.

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